Enjoy hot chocolate in London


Hot chocolate is a best choice for a winter day. To fight off the cold of London winter, let’s explore great cafes with this sweet drink.

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Artisan du Chocolat

With three outlets in the London area, it is hard not to have heard of the famous chocolatier Gerard Coleman and his outstandingly successful store l’Artisan du Chocolat. Founded in 2001, the brand offers a variety of chocolate delicacies, including recipes for hot chocolates (drinkable on the spot). Among them is Death by Chocolate, a wondrous blend of white and black chocolate marshmallows which melt into milk as if by magic. The blend could very well be London’s own affordable heaven in a box.

Choccywoccydoodah via Pikalily


Chocolate is an art and the artisans at Choccywoccydoodah truly know their stuff. They also know that art goes best when enjoyed in a central and yet enjoyable area; cosying up on couches, preferably with a side of cake in hand. Down Fouberts Place, the London Bar du Chocolat opens its doors from 10AM to all chocolate lovers on the quest to find chocolate heaven. Traditional and yet not too sweet, their Original Belgian Hot Chocolate is topped off with a generous and genuine table service. Although the shop is pretty busy at weekends, there is always the possibility to reserve your table online beforehand.


DeRosier Chocolate is a small chocolate store located in the outskirts of the English capital. At the heart of residential Southfields, the easy-drinking hot chocolates are heavenly, with pieces of single-origin chocolate scooped straight from the tub and steamed with the right amount of milk. The selection of cakes and sandwiches is small, but tasteful, and the packaged chocolate bars and other sweet treats highly sought-out. All in all, the perfect hidden chocolate bar for the best Sunday hot chocolate experience one could ask for.


Said, the long-established Rome chocolate shop, opened their new branch in London at the heart of Soho. Contrary to most upmarket chocolate shops, Said displays its chocolate bars in jars and its hot chocolates in little bubbling cauldrons behind their glass counter. The high quality, thick and full-flavored hot chocolate can be taken away as well as served directly in the cafe, where customers are welcomed to admire the wonderful interior decorated in shining metal chocolate bean moulds.

Rabot Estate via World Chocolate Guide

Rabot Estate

At the heart of Borough Market, the Rabot 1745 store is one of the many cafes of the world-famous cacao restaurant and roaster Hotel Chocolat. Rabot 1745 brings to Londoners the cocoa-centric cuisine of its hugely successful sibling, the Boucan Restaurant. Among this chocolate-based cuisine, the menu features six different types of chocolate drinks to suit any mood, for the price of £3.50.

Paul A Young Fine Chocolates

Paul Young is one of these inspirational chocolatiers whose three shops in Soho, Islington and Bank are currently at the forefront of the English chocolate scene. From the steaming brown mixture seen from the window to the bewitching scent, the Aztec-style drink is made without milk, using the exact same mixture of Valrhona; 100% cocoa powder, 70% chocolate and light muscovado sugar. As a result, the deep, characterful and floral flavour of the mixture will most certainly make chocolate lovers rejoice.

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